LifePlan Program

The LifePlan Program is an opportunity to earn while you learn. With your personally assigned advocate you will set up your plan to meet your needs. Lesson plans include: pregnancy information; prenatal care; labor and delivery instruction; parenting skills education; healthy and lasting relationships; goal setting; newborn care; the dad's role; planning a budget; choosing good child care; and much more. The LifePlan Program is designed with you in mind, to empower you with skills you need to be a good parent.

For your commitment to the LifePlan Program, you will earn Baby Bucks. These baby bucks can be used to purchase big ticket items like cribs, car seats, and Pack n Plays (a commitment of 6 months is required for the big ticket items). The baby bucks can also be used in our clothing outlet to purchase baby clothing, blankets, toys, bottles, and other needs for your baby.

Your appointment will be scheduled for once a week with your advocate. There are many ways to earn your Baby Bucks - call us to make your first appointment and find out how!



Pregnant and parenting? Join our LifePlan Program for education, personal support, goal setting and practical help.


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